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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Tumblr inspiration & then some....

I've mentioned I have a Tumblr blog. Some of you get here thru that blog. It's called A Tale To Be Told (This link will take you to it). I post everything that inspires my writing on that blog, I'm very visual & the pictures I've been able to find I don't think I'd find anywhere else. After fiddling with it I realize that Tumblr is an arena where everyone & anyone can express themselves, even if it makes no sense to me. I like that. With that said, it's also an arena where people can express themselves' and sometimes that hurts people's feelings.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because I took the time to check out some blogs that are not necessarily inspirational (I thought) for me but they were an outlet for that person.  I normally stay away from sites that are negative & interfere w/ my writing mojo. Why? Cause I can just turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper if I want politics, criticism & arguments. But this time I made an exception out of curiosity & because some people have inboxed me that they've been victim to cruel criticism.  It's a shame because these people seem very nice as well as talented.  So I went on to check out the sites that I normally avoid & guess what, I got inspired. Yep, something clicked & I'm finally able to pin down the personalities of a few characters in my book.  I was surprised that I'd stumbled upon inspiration in such sites.

So what are you saying Gigi & why are you talking about this? I'm not sure, maybe what I'm trying to say is that you never know where you'll find inspiration. That maybe it's good to read everything & anything that's placed in front of you, you never know what that info will do for your writing. And maybe I'm talking about it because I see how some people choose Tumblr (as well as other sites) to bully people & it's not right. They should stop & realize that maybe, just maybe, that person (child or adult) you are bashing publicly has to deal w/ bullying every single day & Tumblr, their one safe haven, is their escape. Just think about it.

Will I go searching for negative blogs on purpose. Probably not. But if I chance upon one, I might just take the time to read it, rather than block it.  If I see that this blog is informative without being ridiculously negative, purposely demeaning, insanely judgmental & the blog keeper isn't acting too bi-polar that day because they skipped a med, then I might stay a while to peruse the site. (Just so we're clear I do follow quite a few who fit that very description and I love them. They post some amazing stuff & write some inspirational craziness that blows me away. So if you're bi-polar & skipped your med today, I love you too. Just don't be mean & go take your med right now!)

Ok so my blog today isn't technically about my writing. Chances are it's not always going to be, I mean how many times do you want to hear that I'm editing. And yes I'm still at it.  I did buy a new book on Showing & Telling for writing. But I'll leave that for another day cause I'm still reading it.

That's it kiddies. Remember I like questions and/or comments.  Hope you click the link for my Tumblr & visit. Here's the link again http://gigielizabeth.tumblr.com/


The I heart Tumblr picture belongs to this guy http://topherchris.com/post/82972800/get-it-here-any-requests-if-i-use-your-idea

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