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Aspiring writer is the commonly used title for someone like me but I'd prefer story teller. Presently I'm working on my first manuscript. Glad you stopped in, follow my writing journey I'm sure it will have a little bit of everything.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Update on my Book Pitch

I know I've been MIA but I've had lots going on. Yesterday I went to our annual writers conference & man was it a day filled with emotions.  Remember I said I'd be pitching my book at this conference, dun dun dun....I did (Gah!!) Scared & nervous doesn't even begin to explain how I felt. But let me tell you it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot interacting with the agents & editors. They were all very kind & welcoming. I can't give you too many details (right now) on how it went but I will tell you this, I am happy with the outcome & it confirms that my story is one that needs to be shared with others. I am proud of what I've written & can't wait till I get it in the hands of others.

I want to fill you in on all the craziness that's been happening prior to my pitch, but my brain is still fried from yesterday. I'll tell you this, I spent almost all of last week at my local public library polishing my manuscript, working on my pitch, working on my synopsis & writing some new stuff.  I learned that I truly love spending time at the library.  I love the quiet & being surrounded by so many books, there's something comforting & inspiring about that place. I want to come back as a librarian in my next life. 

I have a lot of work cut-out for me in the next few weeks, I need to get my ducks in a row & get ready for a whole new set of stress (the good one). I will do my best to blog at least once per week.

As always, I appreciate you stopping in, I welcome messages & comments. That's it kiddies, have a great day.