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Aspiring writer is the commonly used title for someone like me but I'd prefer story teller. Presently I'm working on my first manuscript. Glad you stopped in, follow my writing journey I'm sure it will have a little bit of everything.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Books made into movies...

Did take a break from polishing my manuscript & went to see Hunger Games. I enjoyed it, the books I loved & devoured them in just a few days (like I tend to do w/ a book series that I love).  Ok I know everyone has an opinion on whether movies do books justice & no one is ever really happy. I get it but here's my take on it. I put myself in the author's shoes, man can you believe how she/he must feel to see their creation up there on a big screen. It gives me the chills to just sit there & think about it. Ever since I started writing & then decided to publish, I've had a new appreciation for anyone who comes up with a story that people can fall in love with. Yes we can all point out what they got wrong in the movie, I try not to because I just think it's totally badass that their book was made a movie. I mean what writer wouldn't want that right?? 

So those are my thoughts for today.  Sorry for being M.I.A. & thanks to those of you who emailed me asking what's up with me. Like I said at the beginning I'm tackling the manuscript to get it to those agents so Catalina can be heard.

Gracias for stopping in. Drop me a line anytime.


photo source:  http://criminalplots.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-made-into-movie.html

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Update on my Book Pitch

I know I've been MIA but I've had lots going on. Yesterday I went to our annual writers conference & man was it a day filled with emotions.  Remember I said I'd be pitching my book at this conference, dun dun dun....I did (Gah!!) Scared & nervous doesn't even begin to explain how I felt. But let me tell you it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot interacting with the agents & editors. They were all very kind & welcoming. I can't give you too many details (right now) on how it went but I will tell you this, I am happy with the outcome & it confirms that my story is one that needs to be shared with others. I am proud of what I've written & can't wait till I get it in the hands of others.

I want to fill you in on all the craziness that's been happening prior to my pitch, but my brain is still fried from yesterday. I'll tell you this, I spent almost all of last week at my local public library polishing my manuscript, working on my pitch, working on my synopsis & writing some new stuff.  I learned that I truly love spending time at the library.  I love the quiet & being surrounded by so many books, there's something comforting & inspiring about that place. I want to come back as a librarian in my next life. 

I have a lot of work cut-out for me in the next few weeks, I need to get my ducks in a row & get ready for a whole new set of stress (the good one). I will do my best to blog at least once per week.

As always, I appreciate you stopping in, I welcome messages & comments. That's it kiddies, have a great day.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pitch in the horizon (deep breaths gigi)

Been trying my best to get myself ready for the writer's conference next month. It's been crazy I have so many other things going on. But here's the gist of what's up.  I tweeked the end of book 1 to something that would leave you wanting to pick up book 2. I stole some stuff from book 2 that I think works.  I'm once again rereading from the beginning, for the most part I'm leaving it as it is. Ok that's a lie, I am trying to leave it alone but I can't help myself I'm making little changes. Little ones.

I now have to schedule an appointment w/ one of the literary agents attending the conference to pitch my book. That's been my goal for this year, a lot of things have come up that are interfering w/ that but I'm trying my best to stay focused on that.

My business cards came in they look pretty good, I'll probably end up making changes on it but right now it works for me. I'll post a picture next time around.

That's it kiddies, sorry for the wait.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Story Teller's Business Card

Over the weekend I wrote some really good stuff about past lives. Will tell you about it another day because right now I'm stressed out working on my business card.

I've been putting it off because I just feel silly doing it. Turns out that if I want to be taken seriously I should be prepared and have one to pass out at meetings and especially at the conferences like the one coming up next month.

Makes a whole lot of sense because when someone has asked for my info I've found myself scrambling for a piece of paper to write on (then cross my fingers that they'll understand my chicken scratch when they read it later).  Not exactly professional. Yes the novice in me always showing :) but I'm getting there.

Like I said I feel silly creating one because c'mon lets be for real here I'm just a story teller not a writer writer. Yes I know I have to get over that inner struggle I have with that.

So I'm thinking ok what's the title I'll be giving myself??? It was harder than you think to chew on that, so in the end I opted for No title (yes no title) and just put the genre I write underneath my name. I think it's turning out pretty darn good. I intend to use the photograph's I own, wish I had more . As soon as I finish it I'll post it. 

After agonizing what info to put in it I've come to realize that I've been bitten by the social media bug. I now  have 2 blogs, 2 FB profiles, 1 website and 1 twitter related to my book.  That's just silly ain't it? When the heck do I write you ask. Whenever I can & whenever my home is quiet, which is usually between 12am and 6am and of course when I go to an undisclosed remote location where no one in my family can find me. 

So that's it kiddies. Sorry my post was lame this time around but this is how goes it for this story teller!!

Thanks for stopping in. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New scene

Got an email over the weekend with some unexpected words of encouragement complimenting my story, it's always nice to hear that my story sounds good.

Saturday I spent the day away from the house, away from distraction.  Cat & her gang just don't know when to shut up, they were demanding my full attention.  There's a scene that's been stirring in my head, turned out steamier than I thought (blushing) (not really) remember folks its Young Adult so we're talking YA steaminess. I think I did a pretty good job with it, you should be able feel the flutters & all that good stuff.

I was able to write a little under 5,000 new words in about 6 hours. I don't know if that's a good thing or not but I'm glad I was able to get a really good scene from my head to the paper.

Catalina's world is going through some exciting changes. Soon I'll be writing about reincarnation & past life stuff. I've got some really good notes I've jotted down for over a year. I'm so siked to get to it. There's also stuff about Karma, one of my favorite subjects. It's all kinda intertwined, I think it'll make for a good story.

Remember I like questions and/or comments so don't be shy. If you want to know more about the characters, I'll do my best to answer without giving too much away.  Truth is I don't know how much I should say (or not say) but as questions come up I guess I'll decide what's safe to answer.

Thanks for stopping in. 

Gigi ∞

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Tumblr inspiration & then some....

I've mentioned I have a Tumblr blog. Some of you get here thru that blog. It's called A Tale To Be Told (This link will take you to it). I post everything that inspires my writing on that blog, I'm very visual & the pictures I've been able to find I don't think I'd find anywhere else. After fiddling with it I realize that Tumblr is an arena where everyone & anyone can express themselves, even if it makes no sense to me. I like that. With that said, it's also an arena where people can express themselves' and sometimes that hurts people's feelings.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because I took the time to check out some blogs that are not necessarily inspirational (I thought) for me but they were an outlet for that person.  I normally stay away from sites that are negative & interfere w/ my writing mojo. Why? Cause I can just turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper if I want politics, criticism & arguments. But this time I made an exception out of curiosity & because some people have inboxed me that they've been victim to cruel criticism.  It's a shame because these people seem very nice as well as talented.  So I went on to check out the sites that I normally avoid & guess what, I got inspired. Yep, something clicked & I'm finally able to pin down the personalities of a few characters in my book.  I was surprised that I'd stumbled upon inspiration in such sites.

So what are you saying Gigi & why are you talking about this? I'm not sure, maybe what I'm trying to say is that you never know where you'll find inspiration. That maybe it's good to read everything & anything that's placed in front of you, you never know what that info will do for your writing. And maybe I'm talking about it because I see how some people choose Tumblr (as well as other sites) to bully people & it's not right. They should stop & realize that maybe, just maybe, that person (child or adult) you are bashing publicly has to deal w/ bullying every single day & Tumblr, their one safe haven, is their escape. Just think about it.

Will I go searching for negative blogs on purpose. Probably not. But if I chance upon one, I might just take the time to read it, rather than block it.  If I see that this blog is informative without being ridiculously negative, purposely demeaning, insanely judgmental & the blog keeper isn't acting too bi-polar that day because they skipped a med, then I might stay a while to peruse the site. (Just so we're clear I do follow quite a few who fit that very description and I love them. They post some amazing stuff & write some inspirational craziness that blows me away. So if you're bi-polar & skipped your med today, I love you too. Just don't be mean & go take your med right now!)

Ok so my blog today isn't technically about my writing. Chances are it's not always going to be, I mean how many times do you want to hear that I'm editing. And yes I'm still at it.  I did buy a new book on Showing & Telling for writing. But I'll leave that for another day cause I'm still reading it.

That's it kiddies. Remember I like questions and/or comments.  Hope you click the link for my Tumblr & visit. Here's the link again http://gigielizabeth.tumblr.com/


The I heart Tumblr picture belongs to this guy http://topherchris.com/post/82972800/get-it-here-any-requests-if-i-use-your-idea

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holy Format Batman!

I seriously thank the writing Gods for letting me 'just write' all those years.

It's now Thursday & all I've done this past week is read, learn, re-read & format. I sure earned that 'your format sucks' comment from that critique. It's taken me a few days to indent, yes indent can you believe it. I'm sure there's an easier way to indent paragraph's but I'm not Word savvy, so I'm stuck w/ indenting endlessly.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Turns out that I managed to somehow write a book that includes dialogue that complicates things. (Of course I did!) I have two foreign languages in my manuscript, Spanish & Calo. I write in Spanish fairly well so that should make this new found knowledge easy to maneuver, but I don't speak a word of Calo cause I'm not really a Gypsy.

Gasp! You're not a Gypsy & yet you're writing about one. Yeah hate to break it to you but I'm not.  I'm sure JK Rowling wasn't a wizard either, so I think I can be forgiven for not being Gypsy.

Anyway, turns out that there are specific ways to include/write foreign languages into a manuscript. I'm not a complete idiot, I figured there was & would have to address it at some point but it's trickier than I thought. But it's fine, I'll get through it & clean it up to make it work. I can't get rid of my foreign languages, it would strip away from the heart of my story. They're staying. (That is until an agent/publisher tells me it's gotta go but those are worries to be addressed later.)

Then there's internal dialogue (what the character thinks) turns out that there's also a specific way to write that. It has to be done in a way that it doesn't become distracting or take away from the other writing. That might be trickier to get a handle of but I'm sucking it up & getting through it.

So (sorry C) I've managed to write a book that has some funky rules I need to follow. Of course, if I had a writing background I'd know a lot of this already BUT again I have to say I'm glad I didn't know it because it would've really hampered my writing. I give credit to those that can edit as they write. I don't know if I could ever do that because I'd be second-guessing every word & never get my story out.

Thank goodness for my side-kick, we'll call her C (my sister). She's right there battling it out with me. I send her endless links to read that will help my writing. She has the capability of retaining better than I when it comes to the technical stuff. Phew!

Here's a link to a site that I think I'll be referring to a lot to help with my formatting & other details. http://www.annemini.com/?p=4241

Thanks for stopping in. Would love to hear from you.