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Monday, April 2, 2012

Books made into movies...

Did take a break from polishing my manuscript & went to see Hunger Games. I enjoyed it, the books I loved & devoured them in just a few days (like I tend to do w/ a book series that I love).  Ok I know everyone has an opinion on whether movies do books justice & no one is ever really happy. I get it but here's my take on it. I put myself in the author's shoes, man can you believe how she/he must feel to see their creation up there on a big screen. It gives me the chills to just sit there & think about it. Ever since I started writing & then decided to publish, I've had a new appreciation for anyone who comes up with a story that people can fall in love with. Yes we can all point out what they got wrong in the movie, I try not to because I just think it's totally badass that their book was made a movie. I mean what writer wouldn't want that right?? 

So those are my thoughts for today.  Sorry for being M.I.A. & thanks to those of you who emailed me asking what's up with me. Like I said at the beginning I'm tackling the manuscript to get it to those agents so Catalina can be heard.

Gracias for stopping in. Drop me a line anytime.


photo source:  http://criminalplots.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-made-into-movie.html


  1. I always find the books better. Except for the "
    Green Mile" loved that book and the movie was good. I can just imagine how the author must feel to see it on the big screen. Looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Love the Green Mile only saw the movie but man I still cry when I see it. Thanks can't wait to have it out there.


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