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Monday, February 6, 2012

Story Teller's Business Card

Over the weekend I wrote some really good stuff about past lives. Will tell you about it another day because right now I'm stressed out working on my business card.

I've been putting it off because I just feel silly doing it. Turns out that if I want to be taken seriously I should be prepared and have one to pass out at meetings and especially at the conferences like the one coming up next month.

Makes a whole lot of sense because when someone has asked for my info I've found myself scrambling for a piece of paper to write on (then cross my fingers that they'll understand my chicken scratch when they read it later).  Not exactly professional. Yes the novice in me always showing :) but I'm getting there.

Like I said I feel silly creating one because c'mon lets be for real here I'm just a story teller not a writer writer. Yes I know I have to get over that inner struggle I have with that.

So I'm thinking ok what's the title I'll be giving myself??? It was harder than you think to chew on that, so in the end I opted for No title (yes no title) and just put the genre I write underneath my name. I think it's turning out pretty darn good. I intend to use the photograph's I own, wish I had more . As soon as I finish it I'll post it. 

After agonizing what info to put in it I've come to realize that I've been bitten by the social media bug. I now  have 2 blogs, 2 FB profiles, 1 website and 1 twitter related to my book.  That's just silly ain't it? When the heck do I write you ask. Whenever I can & whenever my home is quiet, which is usually between 12am and 6am and of course when I go to an undisclosed remote location where no one in my family can find me. 

So that's it kiddies. Sorry my post was lame this time around but this is how goes it for this story teller!!

Thanks for stopping in. 

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